How much does it all cost?

There is an advance ‘retainer fee’ when we begin the search.  This is deducted from the final ‘success fee’ when a purchase has been made. The final fee is calculated as a percentage of the purchase price.

If you choose to discontinue your search you will owe us nothing further than the advance. This is in contrast to other buying agents, who will charge you for the time they have spent on the project as well as the initial fee. Our terms and conditions explain this fully, or please contact us to discuss the matter further.

Do you only show me properties that are on the market with estate agents?

No. Whilst many of the properties will be on the market with agents, we also have access to properties that are not available to the general public or that have yet to come to the market.

Do you only find me a property to buy?

Finding a property is only the beginning.  After an offer is agreed, we then guide you through the buying process and offer advice every step of the way, bringing in trusted specialist advisors whenever necessary. We put together a team of the best professionals for you, including surveyors, solicitors, architects, interior designers, builders, and movers, all of whom will work under our management in dealing with your purchase.

Can you help me find a rental property?

Yes. In a similar way to sales, we will offer you one point of contact to deal with finding you a suitable rental property and negotiating the rent.

We advise you on the best terms for the tenancy agreement and negotiate these for you with the estate agent or landlord. We will also assist in the moving in process where needed.

Although the time period taken to find a rental property is usually much less, the assistance of Homes One can often be as vital as when purchasing, as there can be many pitfalls to tenancy agreements, and often there is no solicitor involved.

Why are you so highly regarded?

We have a reputation for exceeding our clients’ expectations both in terms of service and value. A large proportion all of our business comes as a result of referrals by previous clients. Please see previous testimonials

Does this bring you into conflict with estate agents?

Whilst our loyalties differ (as above), in fact, rather than there being a conflict, our clients are generally given preference by estate agents over the public. Agents know that our clients are fully informed about the market and the buying process, are prequalified in terms of finance, and are clearly motivated since they have chosen to pay us to help them. Since careful due diligence has been undertaken before offers are put in, agents know that the sale is more likely to go through. Sellers tend to want a smooth transaction too, and so are given comfort that an offer has been put forward by us. This is a great advantage to our clients when negotiating a price, and is invaluable in competitive bidding scenarios.

Do you help with property investment?

Absolutely. We have a number of ongoing investment and development clients who we work with in a number of different ways, advising them on the purchase of small single unit investments to blocks, buildings and portfolios.

We are experienced in sourcing properties such as buildings with multiple units, buy-to-let investments, serviced apartment blocks and even offices.

The larger the property, the less likely it is to go on the open market, and so the more indispensible our service becomes.

Who will deal with my property search?

We can offer a personal one-to-one service. One of our two directors, Karim Bazzi or Mark Wells, will deal with your requirements from beginning to end. See the team page for further details.

You will always have one port of call, and that director will undertake the vast majority of your search. Nevertheless, Karim and Mark work together on every deal, pooling their resources and experience throughout.

Why should I use your buying service when estate agents are free?

Estate agents are paid by, and work for, somebody selling a property. Their role is to achieve the highest possible price for their clients.

Our role is to work solely for you, the prospective buyer, as your adviser.

We are up to date with all the latest information about sale prices, can inform you of the nuances of different locations, blocks and streets, and use all of our contacts and experience when negotiating – all of which gives you the advantage over both the seller and other competing buyers.

Many of our clients complain that estate agents have wasted their time in the past, showing inappropriate or overpriced properties. We preview and shortlist properties for you, and only suggest the properties that are worth your time.

Isn’t it in your best interest to negotiate a higher price to increase your percentage fee?

Absolutely not – our business is built on our reputation and referrals from previous clients. We will always act in your best interests.

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